About us

About us

ABOUT ANSA (formerly ANTA)

The Association of Neurophysiology Scientists of Australia Inc. is a national, professional association established to meet the needs of individuals employed as neurophysiological scientists and technologists in hospitals and neurologists’ private rooms across Australia. It’s goals include:

  • Ensuring that a system of training exists for neurophysiology scientists and technologists.
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of opinions and ideas relating to neurophysiology.
  • Promoting public knowledge of clinical neurophysiology and the broad range of tests undertaken by those in the field.

ANSA offers an Australia wide network of professional support, with advice and information on employment and locum positions nationally.

The Association holds Conferences annually to provide a venue for professional learning and interaction with complex clinical and technical presentations.

The Association offers membership to all neurophysiological scientists and technologists working in the field of neurophysiology.