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Thank you for considering to become a member of the Association of Neurophysiology Scientists of Australia Inc (ANSA Inc.)

ANSA Inc. is a professional Association created to support, encourage and provide professional interaction to neurophysiological scientists and technologists across Australia.

The benefits of membership with our Association include:

  • Discounts to ANSA Conferences held annually.
  • Discounts to workshops and learning opportunities supported by ANSA Inc.
  • Access to Members Area of the Website which contains procedures and guidelines clinical tests, infection control etc.
  • Information on Education opportunities and access to the Education Representative.
  • Access to the OSET Website.
  • Support and networking opportunities.
  • Membership is valued by employers (may be compulsory).

Membership is offered at four different levels with varying qualifications and employment requirements.

List of membership options:

  •    Professional Member (Previously Full Member)

Professional Membership requires to following criteria to be met:

Working in the field at the time of membership renewal.

Holds a Bachelor of Medical/Biomedical Science with major components of human anatomy and physiology (or equivalent).

Maintains ANSA Inc. Continued Professional Development (CPD).

  • Professional Member with Accreditation in Electroencephalography (EEG), Evoked Potentials (EP), Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) and/or Intra-operative Monitoring (IOM). (Previously Accredited Member)

A  Professional member must hold a minimum Bachelor of Medical/Biomedical Science with major components of human anatomy and physiology (or equivalent).

They must have at least one (1) year practical experience and achieved a practical level of competence deemed acceptable by ANSA Inc. including Performing EEG Competence.

They must maintain ANSA Inc. Continued Professional Development (CPD) Those unable or unwilling to comply with CPD will remain as Professional Members

SEE GRAND PARENT CLAUSE for non-BSc Holders with more than 5 years Experience.

Professional Member Grandparent Clause (Previously Accredited Member Grandparent Clause)

Includes all Full and Accredited Members to the date of the 2021 ANTA Inc. AGM (25th September 2021)

Current members who hold Practical Competence for one or more Clinical Neurophysiological tests included in the ANSA Inc Competence Statements deemed acceptable by ANSA Inc. including at least Performing EEG competence but DO NOT have a Bachelor of Science will be accepted as an Professional Member.

  • Undergraduate Membership (new level)

Must be enrolled in a Bachelor of Medical/Biomedical Science with major components of human anatomy and physiology (or equivalent).

  •   Associate Member

Any member working in the field that does not hold the minimum qualifications required for Professional Membership. This is the usual grade for those working in allied health areas and in the field of Neurophysiological Measurement outside Australia.

Associate Members may be, at the discretion of the Association, persons who are interested in furthering the aims and objects of the Association and who wish to receive the literature and attend the meetings of the Association. This shall include Company Representatives.



Please provide all supporting documentation with your application e.g. proof of level of qualification and/or enrolment, proof of employment i.e. job description and/or letter from employer, proof of practical competency etc.

Failure to provide supporting evidence to show that you meet the requirements of your chosen level may result in your application being delayed or cancelled.

Ensure you have your documents ready to upload before moving onto the next step!

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