COVID-19 and Conference Update

Dear Members,

Due to the global pandemic and cancellation of public gatherings in the near future the 2020 ANTA conference that was to be held in late August has been postponed. It is still planned to be hosted by Royal North Shore Hospital next year. In light of this, this year the following accommodations will be made:

AGM discussion will take place on the ANTA website forum, with motions requiring a vote to be handled by electronically via MailChimp.

In lieu of conference presentations, opportunities for CPD (such as the submission of short recorded talks or posters) will be made possible via the website. We are still exploring the feasibility and scope of this and further updates will follow. Please contact us if you have any interest in partaking in this.


In addition, we recommend following local, state and federal guidelines in regards to infection control, workplace management and to ensure your own personal safety. Please post any industry related discussion on the ANTA forums as communication and collaboration will be helpful in the coming times. ANTA will also be posting resources and information relating to the virus on our website.

For further information please contact the ANTA Secretary (

Wishing you all safety and security.

– The ANTA Executive