Notice: Requirement for Full Members to transition to Accredited Membership

ANTA Full members are now able to complete their membership requirements in order to transition through to Accredited Membership.

Any full member of ANTA with a joining date after September 2017 is now able to work towards gaining practical competence in at least Electroencephalography.

According to the ANTA Inc Constitution and By-Laws (changes accepted by Special Resolution at the 2017 ANTA Inc AGM) there is a two year transition period.

Due to the recently adopted ANTA Inc Competency Skills Assessment Tool (EEG) and the Covid -19 Pandemic restrictions the earliest date of transition for any full members joining after the ANTA Inc 2017 AGM (August) will be December 2022.

A letter will be sent to those members who have been identified as falling into this transition group with more details.

Information on transitioning to Accredited Membership can be found here.