Neuro Training Academy Webinar

  • Organiser Neuro Training Academy
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  • Date 11 April 2024

“Paediatric EMG: Strategies for Successful Intervention”

Course introduction:
Adult and Paediatric EMG share many features in common. Both use similar equipment and consumables and base their examination on the same fundamental neurophysiological principles. There the similarities end, with crucially important differences relating to the patients themselves and to the range of pathologies to which they are susceptible. If these are not taken into consideration a distressing experience for both patients and Electromyographers may result and lead to the EMG failing to realise its full diagnostic potential. In this lecture these important factors are going to be detailed and advice given how to ensure a successful examination.

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of this eSeminar the participants will be able to:

  • Important differences between Paediatric and Adult EMG
  • How to approach children in a clinical setting
  • How the range of paediatric neuromuscular pathologies influences EMG techniques
  • Where to source normative data

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