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Nerve Conduction Studies / Electromyography

The following resources may be useful to Clinical Neurophysiology Scientists performing and assisting in Nerve Conduction Studies / Electromyography:

Huynh & Kiernan 2011 – Nerve Conduction Studies (available on Google Scholar)

Mallick & Weir, 2005 – Nerve conduction studies, essentials and pitfalls in practice (available on Google Scholar)

Slutsky 2003 – Nerve conduction studies in hand surgery (available on Google Scholar)

Mirsa & Kalita – Clinical Neurophysiology 4th Edition Nerve Conduction, Electromyography, Evoked Potentials (book)

Siao, Cross, & Vucic – Practical Approach to Electromyography (book)

Hines – Advances in Electrodiagnosis (book)

Updated February 2024